Jak Conroy

Jak, formerly called Gwalcavad, is a former agent of the King's Dark Lanterns, a Brelish spy agency. He is now one of the Storm Lords of Stormreach


Jak is tall and thin with long dark hair and grey eyes. He tends to wear dark colors. He is rarely without the great dark form of Eredraug padding at his side. He carries the Lesser Mark of Handling around his left upper arm and shoulder.


Jak was originally from Western Breland before it became Drooam. He originally met up with the party while it was working on a job obtained by Kate Shari. He was stationed at the ruined fey spire in the Watching Wood for a period, until it was attacked by Eladrin and returned to Thalanis. At the time, he introduced himself at Gwalcavad Branmor – one of his many aliases – and continued to go by that name until recently. It was in the Watching Wood that he obtained a companion in the form of Eredraug, a Fey Wolf. Kor ir’Wynarnn, Commander of the Citadel, later referred to Gwalcavad by the name “Summerhawk” – presumably his Dark Lantern call-sign.

With the death of Boranel and the reorganization of the King’s Citadel into the Citadel at the hands of Rukin ir’Clarn, Prime Minister of the new Republic of Breland, all Citadel agents were expected to swear loyalty to the new Citadel and the Republic. Jak and many other agents (particularly among the higher ranks) refused to do so and were outlawed. Jak went so far as to fake the death of his former identity, Gwalcavad Branmor. He is now on the run with the band of adventurers known as the Loaded Dice aboard the Golden Dragon.

Upon meeting the Swords of Karrn in Stormreach, Jak took up his current identity and the persona of a wandering bard to avoid drawing Citadel attention. However, as time has gone on, he seems to have embraced the new persona more and more.

When Annie was kidnapped, Jak was forced to admit his true identity to the group, Gavin d’Vadalis. However, after rescuing Annie and helping destroy the facilities at Blackbriar, Jak official renounced all connection to House Vadalis. When the Emerald Claw were finally pushed out of Stormreach and the dust had settled, Jak was swept into one of the now vacant positions of Storm Lord. For appearance’s sake, Jak took on the invented surname of Conroy.

Jak Conroy

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