Unfinished Wars

The Eighth Spire
"This is the kind of job that makes or breaks a merc party, don't let me down." -Cog-eye Kate

The Party had just escaped the city of Ninety-Nine, which had gone into upheaval after a coup overthrew the ruling dual-monarchy. In the chaos, the PCs were targeted and forced to flee. Their main contact, Kate, managed to get them passage on an airship to the city of Sharn, where they went into hiding.

After a few weeks of laying low, Kate sought out and obtained a contract for them from one of the many agents of King Boranel of Breland. Merchant caravans traveling from Breland into Drooam had come under attack from the nomadic orc tribes of that region. This was unusual since the Daughters of Sora Kel had pacified most of the region. The PCs were instructed to find out the source of the attacks and stop them if possible.

Trouble began when the PCs were attacked by a force of Gargoyles while still in route aboard the airship Tranquility. However, they successfully beat off the attack, and their artificer Rauthur was even able to repair one of the ships touchy arcane engines. For this they earned the gratitude of Malcolm the Fox and his crew.

Arriving in Greywall, the PCs became aware of the tense political situation in the town. Baron Kudrun of House Tharashk held a tenuous control of the town, while official political authority was held by Xorchylic, the Mind Flayer governor set up by the Daughters of Sora Kel. Kudrun informed the PCs that the orc attacks originated because the orcs claimed that men had come and stolen a powerful artifact from them known as the Spear of Command, a symbol of authority usually held by the orc Warchief. Kudrun asked the PCs to find the spear and return it to him so that he could get control of the orcs. When asked where to look, he could offer little information, but suggested they check with the settlement of humans in the Watching Wood, as he had heard nothing from them, and the orc attacks had lately been focusing more and more in that direction.

Wandering the town a bit, the Party entered a tavern and found several Eladrin. It was here that Aurora, an Eladrin Warlock and a member of the Party, discovered that her old flame Leofalcon as well as her bitter enemy Alihanna were both in the area. What they planned to do was not discovered.

On their way out of town, the Party was ambushed by the Redcaps, a gang of kobolds and halflings from Greywall. They arrived with orders to capture Aurora. After an argument, the Party decided to buy the gang off instead of fighting them.

The Party met a man claiming to be from the Watching Wood who led them away and into the forest. However, once in the forest he led them astray and into an ambush, revealing himself to be a Changeling. The PCs survived the ambush and made their way onward.

Coming to a glade, the Party found the sight of a recent battle. Orc warriors were still picking among the dead when the Party arrived and attacked them. The Party captured an orc and forced him to lead them on in the direction they had been going. However, at this point, a strange wolf wandered into the glade, and then trotted off down the path. This seemed to unnerve the orc greatly, but the Party decided to follow anyway.

The wolf led the party onward until they found themselves surrounded by armed men, led by a man called Gwalcavad Branmor. The Party was able to convince Gwalcavad of their good intentions, and he led them on to his camp, then sent them with his wolf Eredraug on to a secret entrance to the Fey Spire in which he and his men had lived until the orc attacks began. He also revealed to them that Eladrin had been attacking them as well. The Party was also able to divine that the Watching Wood was in fact a slice of the Feywild brought into Eberron on the Day of Mourning.

The Party battled their way into the Spire, where they linked up with a strike force led by Gwalcavad. Together they assaulted the Spire’s main hall and came face to face with Alihanna and Leofalcon. In the ensuing battle, Aurora personally slew Leofalcon, but Alihanna was able to complete the ritual she had been performing when the party burst in. Channeling her power through Aurora and the Spear of Command, Alinhanna transported the entire area back into the Feywild.

Racing against the clock, the party pursued Alihanna through the Feywild, only to discover that they had been led on a wild goose chase while the Eladrin had circled back to the Spire to get information from the Woodmen there. The PCs also found communication between Alihanna and someone named Calderus, who seemed to have some manner of authority over her.

Racing back to the Spire, the Party encounterd Alihanna and the remnant of her Eladrin forces. The Woodmen were held hostage, and in exchange for their lives, and the Spear, the party agreed to leave Alihanna and her forces alone. However, before this was done, the Party discovered that Alihanna had gotten information about the location of ‘the blade’ out of one of the woodmen who had been tortured. The party were then returned to Eberron.

Arriving back in Eberron, Gwalcavad and his men departed immediately without any explanation. The Party then returned to Greywall only to discover that three weeks had passed while they were in the Feywild, and in that time the orcs had assaulted Greywall and almost taken it. Baron Kudrun had led the defense personally. In the fighting, Xorchylic’s tower had been destroyed and the Mind Flayer slain, leaving Kudrun in total control of Greywall.

Returning to Sharn, the Party decided to turn the Spear of Command over to the King’s Citadel, in exchange for a favor that they might call in later.

Whispers of the Vampire's Blade
"Whether their success is a result of or of exceptional good fortune (which seemes likely) seems irrelevent when set against the simple fact that they are effective." - Gwalcavad Branmor

Not long after returning from their adventures in Droaam, the party were contacted by Viorr Maelak, commander of the Dark Lanterns in Sharn, with a job opportunity. Apparently one of Maelaks agents had gone rogue and stolen something of great value, a Karrnathi Soul Blade. The Soul Blades were made during the Last War. The intent was to bind the soul of a great Karrn warlord to each blade, so that their spirits could continue to lead Karrnath to victory long after their deaths. One of these weapons was captured by Brelish troops during the war, and had been kept in a secure vault in the Myriad Tower ever since.

Unfortunately, a Dark Lantern agent named Lucan Stellos, went rogue, slaying several guards, stealing the sword, and then walking straight down the side of the tower to make his getaway. The party was hired to retrieve the Sould Blade, and if possible to bring Stellos in as well. After a brief audition and interview with Maelak, the party departed.

They pursued Stellos down the Orien trade route out of Sharn. Stellos was in a carriage, so the party’s magebred horses were able to outpace their quarry and catch up to him near dusk on the eight day of their journey.

The party immediately joined battle against the human lackeys who acted as outriders for the getaway carriage. These were defeated relatively quickly. Tellelohtar managed to get up onto the carriage, only to find himself confronted by Stellos himself, who at this point revealed his vampiric nature by dominating Tellelohtar and forcing him to leap headlong from the back of the carriage into Anora.

Ky nearly got a grappling hook onto the carriage but her horse was taken out by the wolves summoned by Stellos at this moment. With these pursuers out of the game, the chase was momentarily left to Rauthur. As the carriage approached a bridge, Lucan’s sister, Grilsha displayed her mastery of the arcane by setting fire to the bridge with a fireball spell. Rauthur rode directly over the crumbling bridge, through the flames, and dropped his obedient servant on top of the carriage. In the struggle that ensued, Rauthur managed to get the Soul Blade and escape. Unfortunately, Lucan used his mist form to catch Rauthur, bite and dominate him, and regain the sword. Lucan then slew Rauthur’s horse and escaped in his carriage.

Disheartened, and concerned for their vampire-bitten comrade, the party continued the pursuit to Trollanport in Zilargo. There they discovered that a major event was to be held at the Aundairian Embassy, and that they might look there for information. The party did so and found themselves in a masque ball looking for the Stellos siblings. Meeyna, an Aundairian ambassador and an agent of the Royal Eyes, had arranged escape for Lucan, but the party arrived just as the exchange was being made.

On a wild guess, Tellelohtar attacked Lucan and a fight broke out. In the chaos, Lucan fled using his mist form, but Grilsha was captured. The party then met with Meeyna who explained what had gone on to them and gave them information about Lucan’s likely destination. Racing now, the party sped to the nearest airship tower and made to board a ship called Cloud’s Destiny_, unfortunately, Lucan had left dominated guards to prevent their embarking. The party defeated these, but Ky was knocked unconscious. She awoke to find the airship gone and the guards returned to themselves. Luckily, the airship _Tranquility was on sight and Ky was able to secure passage aboard, and to give chase.

Aboard the airship, the party were unable to locate Lucan, though they did make the acquaintance of Artorius Brightblade, Maynard Darkmagic, and Sven Silverstomach, adventurers traveling for their own purposes.

As Ky approached aboard Tranquility, she noticed another airship slipping up in the blind spot of Cloud’s Destiny. This ship, manned by Eladrin warriors, boarded the other ship, looking for Lucan apparently. The party and the ship’s crew managed to push the enemy back. Lucan soon appeared, rushed onto the deck and made to dive off. In a fit of desperation Alihanna rammed her ship into Cloud’s Destiny, causing both to plummet to the ground. Ky, Anora, and Rauthur escaped in skiffs, while Tellelohtar hid in a cabinet of holding.

The ship’s crashed, leaving no survivors apparently. Artorius Brightblade’s sword was retrieved and turned over to Ky. The party made for the nearest settlement, hoping that would be the way Lucan traveled.

As luck would have it they boarded the train only a few minutes after him. They bypassed his guards entirely and held them off long enough for the train to get away. After some while of fruitless searching (including walking in on a couple), the party decided to watch the exits and stay put.

In the end, Lucan was forced to reveal himself when Warforged hijackers loyal to the Lord of Blades boarded the train and forced it to crash. Lucan made for the roof and fled backwards along the cars. Tellelohtar pursued closely and brought Lucan to battle at he rear of the train. In the time it took his comrades to join him fully, Tellelohtar was bitten twice.

In the end, the players managed to take down and return Lucan and the blade, but at enormous collateral damage costs left behind, all of which were of course covered by the Brelish government.

Prisoners of the Dreadhold (Quest Journal)

When we complete the adventure I’ll update this to a more traditional adventure log, but I thought since this has been something of a chaotic adventure with lots of objectives, I would post an sort of “Quest Journal” for the adventure.

Quest Journal
Major Quest: The Missing Spy >Complete<
- Whether out of friendship, duty, curiosity or boredom, you have decided to follow the trail of the missing spy.
- You tracked Gwalcavad from Throneport to the Lhazzar Principalities where you discovered that he was ambushed at the Vorgaard Estate and taken to the Dreadhold prison.
- You slipped into the Prison and rescued Gwalcavad from a group of Dolgaunts and their Mind Flayer master, now you just have to get out.
-You successfully escaped the Dreadhold

Minor Quest: Protect Haydith >Complete<
-You successfully defended Haydith ir’Wynarnn from House Thuranni Assassins

Minor Quest: Dark Rumors >Failed<
-Gwalcavad was investigating a collection of clues that his contact, Vorgaard, had put together for him.
-The clues so far are as follows
1. Since YK 991, the king of Karrnath has received no visitors
2. A prison cell in Korth, Karrnath contained the cryptic rhyme
“The King is Dead, yet long lives the King
Blood upon his golden ring.”
3. The same cell had tally marks that seemed numerous enough to date back 2-4 years.
4. The cell also contained an etching that indicated that the occupant was being moved in YK 994
5. A prison ledger for the Korth Prison showed a 994 transfer to the Dreadhold, the name was blotted out.
6. Haydith claims that over the last several years, her brother has not seemed himself, and has distanced himself from his family.
-Gwalcavad and Vorgaard appear to have both drawn the conclusion from this evidence that the throne of Karrnath is occupied by an impostor and that Kaius III is actually a prisoner in the Dreadhold. Gwalcavad would like to investigate this further, but is in no shape to do so.
-You were unable to confirm the rumors. All you can be sure of is that agents of the Emerald Claw escaped with a prisoner.

Minor Quest: The Dragon’s Favor >Complete, sort of<
-Vyssilthar, a black dragon dwelling under the Dreadhold, has asked you to end the shard mining operation by slaying Filgrimm, the dwarf that runs the mine. She claims he does not have the open permission of his House, so if he were killed and the mine brought to light, House Kundarak would have to shut it down.
-You killed Filgrimm, but also slew the Warden of the prison. The results of these actions are yet to be seen.

Conclusions (Political)

-Steeling a small vessel used by the garrison when they need to get to the mainland, you make your way the the near end of Cape Far. You found a quiet cove to tie up your ship and from there made your way inland until you were able to find a village. Despite your strange appearance, and the many rumors and questions it no doubt raised among the villagers, you were able to get directions to a proper city, and from there made your way back to Sharn, at Gwalcavad’s suggestion.
-After you return, you are able to gather news of events since your departure some weeks ago. The events in Throneport are still making news (see Sharn Inquisitive articles soon to come). Word reached you that Haydith had returned to Wroat uneventfully in the company of the King’s Shields. You also learn that Breland’s was not the only embassy attacked that night in Throneport. The Karnnathi Embassy was apparently also assaulted and a high-value prisoner was rescued from a holding cell there. Who made the attack, and who the prisoner in the Karnnathi Embassy was has not been released to the general public.
-Breland has demanded an explanation from Thrane over the currency found on Haydith’s would-be assassins. The government has also demanded that House Thuranni release the name of the one who hired the assassins. This request has been met with chilly silence.

Conclusions (Personal)

-By an slip of the tongue, Kor ir’Wynarnn revealed to you that “Gwalcavad” is not the true name of your Dark Lantern companion, referring to him instead as “Summerhawk.” It is unknown if anything will come of this.
-You also discovered that Gwalcavad bears the Mark of Handling.
-Gwalcavad has been temporarily relegated to a desk job (the Citadel equivalent of medical leave) managing the operations of subordinate agents in the field.
-Both Annie and Ky have manifested Dragonmarks through different means.
-Tellelohtar’s encounter with a mind flayer seems to have left increasingly unstable.
-The reappearance of a revenant form of Leofalcon Wolfsbane and his repeated escape from you continues to frustrate an haunt Aurora.
-Aurora also found a part of a ledger that indicated that two members of Amaron’s family had been in the Dreadhold but were sold to an organization called “Project Leviathan.” She has not yet revealed this to him.
-Rauthur disturbed the group’s peace of mind once again by showing an interest in necromancy as he brought an undead servitor with him through part of the adventure. Annie and Tellelohtar killed it.
-A trio of tiefling’s returned with you at the request of Vyssilthar: Maleen Silvereye, Chevkos, and Iron Talon. Who they are and how they will affect your group is yet to be seen. You have secured housing for them in an apartment three towers south of the Hen House.

The Mournland - Quest Log
What's the worst that could happen?

Our party has ventured into the Mournland on an errand for Prime Minister Rukin ir’Clarn of Breland, and so far very little has gone right.

Major Quest: The Dragon
-Near the field of ruin, a dragon who was present during, and changed by the Mourning dwells still in its lair. We have been given an artifact known as the Dragon’s Eye with which to subdue the beast. We are then to return it to the agents of Prime Minister ir’Clarn so that this threat can be neutralized safely.

Side Quest: Rauthur is dead. Long live Rauthur.
-Rauthur’s vampiric ways finally went off the deep end when he started hunting children in New Cyre. Summerhawk discovered this and gave chase while the others tried to catch up. In the end, Rauthur was slain. His body transformed into a Rakshasa and fled. At the same time, another part of his soul, previously bound to a book carried by Annie, manifested as a version of Rauthur bent on undoing the mistakes of his Vampire counterpart.

Side Quest: Chasing Annie
-A massive bounty has been placed on Annie by House Jorasco. How the knowledge of her dragonmark was leaked is a question that now occupies the thoughts of several party-members, along with what they will do to the person who leaked it. Summerhawk has set his team of subordinate Dark Lantern agents working on discovering the truth. In the meantime, the Mournland is not a bad hiding place.

Quest? : Hallis Martin
-We’ve also taken up with the adventurer extraordinaire, who knows the way to the Field of Ruin.

“Excerpt from the after-action report filed by Summerhawk with his superiors in Sharn”
Reaching the field of ruin, we were confronted by Mournland wights from many of the nations of Khorvaire. They seemed to have been waiting for the party to arrive, an event foretold by the Messengers – mysterious creatures who appeared in Thrane once during the Last War and led a crusade into Cyre. With one of our party unaccounted for, the wights flew into a rage and attacked us. Their death triggered something that awoke all of the dead on the Field of Ruin, from whom we wisely fled.

We reached the mouth of a cave in the Glass Plateau pursued by hordes of undead warriors. At the entrance of the cave, Hallis Martin turned and drove a staff into the ground, from which radiance exploded, destroying the undead and saving us from pursuit. What became of him is unclear, but he seems to have a knack for getting out of trouble and we found no remains on our return.

Inside the cave, we found corpses from all nations pressed into the earth and rock of the cave floor and walls. A curtain of battle standards were hung from the ceiling as if they were captured trophies. Ky and I cut the Brelish and Cyran banners from this strange furnishing.

Farther in, we reached the dragon’s lair. The beast was sleeping. I approached alone, knowing that fighting the creature was not an option. As I needed the creature to awaken, but did not want to approach closer than necessary, I fired a bolt into its hide – no doubt doing no damage at all but it seems to have been enough to wake the beast. I was then able to unlock whatever arcane energy was possessed by the artifact and subdued and captured the dragon.

Side note – We found a prisoner in the lair: a Cyran named Therkin ((sp?)). He was disfigured by long exposure to the mist. He said the dragon mistook him for an old friend from Cyre. Obviously the creature’s mind had been deranged by the Mourning. We extracted this poor individual and he seems to be recovering in the care of Prince Oargev.

As we exited the cave, we were intercepted by a party of Emerald Claw led by Gunter (whose interrogation I oversaw some months ago) and Leofalcon Wolfsbane (who led the team of assassins who made the attempt on Lady Haydith’s life in Throneport). How they tracked us and who sent them is uncertain. Messages intercepted since seem to indicate that Gunter was acting without orders in an attempt to recover favor with the organization after his previous failure. I am extrapolating from limited evidence so I cannot say how accurate these conclusions are. Interestingly, Leofalcon’s new undead form (you will recall he was killed in the Watching Wood) seemed to be in thrall to Gunter. Once he lost visual contact, Leofalcon snapped out of it and there seems to have been some sort of reconnection between him and Aurora. I was across the cave and engaged and have only second-hand reports to go from. I have not found a convenient time to speak with Aurora about this matter.

In the end, Ky slew Gunter, who lashed out in some strange arcane attack at Aurora. Leofalcon stepped in the way and was killed by this attack, so regardless of the motivations of either assailant, both were killed in the fight. I recovered something of interest from Leofalcon, but I am still conducting research into its nature and will write more of it soon. It appears to be a shard of living shadow.

We have no returned to New Cyre and the Prince had shown a great deal of gratitude for the items we recovered. The party has decided to remain in New Cyre for the winter. If possible, I would like to base my operations out of this town. There are experts here who may help be decipher the shadow shard, and considering the difficulty on our Western front, having closer ties to New Cyre can only help our organization. It may even be possible to set up a new Lantern Post here.

The Rolling Mist

(Copy of letter included with report filed by Summerhawk with his superiors in Sharn.)


Normally I would wait until we meet again to relate our adventure in Kenrun, but I fear by then it might be too late.

As you know, Prince Oargev had heard reports that the Mist was expanding out from Cyre and closer to Kenrun. Normally he would have dismissed this as the general hysteria the Mist sometimes causes, but he had also received news of something or someone attacking the village. While he gathered men to respond to the threat, he asked that we scout ahead and assess the situation, and if necessary bring out any survivors.

A few miles outside of Kenrun we came upon a boarded-up farm. At first we thought it abandoned, but soon discovered a family of five holed up inside. They quickly let us in and explained that everyone else was dead. The head of the household was angry, as they believed the noise our group had made would draw the attention of “the others.”

Before we could inquire more closely, the farmhouse was attacked by a horde of ghouls. Hungry ghouls. While we were able to eventually repel the attack, we lost one of the children. These ghouls apparently like their food still breathing.

Thankfully, Rauthur had created a link with a circle in New Cyre and was able to perform the ritual to send the family back. Before they left, the survivors explained the ghouls were once people from Kenrun.

Deciding that if any other survivors remained in the town they would take refuge in the Temple of Arawai, we made haste to Kenrun. Luckily we did not have any further run-ins until we reached the town proper. Despite Tellelohtar’s best efforts to hide us, we were attacked half-way through the village. This led to a harrowing chase to the temple, where we discovered the grounds were overran with more of the ghouls. We managed to somehow fend off attack until we could enter and bar the doors of the temple.

There were no survivors.

A journal we found at the site indicated that the townsfolk were each driven mad by some external source that lead them to crave the taste of flesh. In the end all succumbed and in the process defiled the temple.

I still have it with me, and when I have the time I’ll study it more thoroughly to see if I can determine the cause.

While the others tended to the dead, I purified and re-sanctified Arawai’s Temple. As night had fallen during our endeavors, we elected to rest until dawn when we would return and make our report to Prince Oargev.

Just before the dawn there came a pounding at the door. As we had not returned nor sent word to the Prince, he’d sent scouts in after us to determine what had happened. Before us was the lone scout who’d survived to the temple. He also reported to us that he’d seen an army on the march for the bridge of Kenrun.

Rauthur, using one of his spells, sent word to Oargev of the army headed for the bridge and our intention to hold it until he could arrive with reinforcements. Perhaps it was foolish, but we could not allow an army of the dead to march out of the Mournland.

Whether through luck or through skill I do not know, but we managed to make it out of the town and to the bridge without meeting any ghouls. Upon our arrival at the bridge we established barricades. And just in time. Within the hour the undead army attacked.

Through the valiant efforts of our small crew, we managed to hold the bridge throughout the day. The prince was close but had not yet arrived when the army fell back and a drow rode forth. Using my goggles I determined him to be a very powerful vampire. Far more powerful than Stellos was.

He named himself Calderus d’Vol and at best seemed amused at our efforts to stop his march. After some interplay with Ky, Calderus said our efforts were of no matter. The army had served the purpose of delaying us, and they had no further use for the bridge or the town. And then they left.

I am unsure if he meant to delay our group specifically or to delay Prince Oargev. Either way, the only place we have intention of journeying to is Sharn. This leads me to surmise that he or an ally of his has designs for the Day of Mourning, and the presence of either ourselves, Prince Oargev, or all of the above at an earlier point would prove a hindrance to him.

Regardless, we’re on our way to Sharn now with Prince Oargev and his retinue. At this rate we should arrive the day of the ceremonies.

Be careful, my friend.

When a Plan Goes South
It's about to get messy.

Normally I write these from a perspective, my character, the Sharn Inquisitve, or the Brelish historian persona Holly created, P.R. Songsteel. For our most recent session, none of those work exactly. Gwalcavad is not keeping a journal of the current adventure, and what he has to say is probably rather dark at the moment anyway. Songsteel works best after a complete adventure has been finished, and the Inquisitive of course would have no news of this. So, I will simply tell it as a player who just had a great D&D session.

Few things could have gone more wrong for the Loaded Dice in our last adventure. On the one hand, I suppose it must be said that we successfully defeated a strong Emerald Claw regiment in Stormreach. After that it starts to get bad.

None of our party doubted the presence of a trap when we first encountered the drunken wagon team and their broken wheel. However even the most paranoid of us can hardly have expected our prodigy healer Annie to be snatched up by a horseman galloping at 90 mph.

The presence of mind of Rauthur prevented Gwalcavad from murdering the surviving wagon team, and some quick thinking by the rest of the party prevented us all from being trampled to death by giant angry beasts of various kind. Some clever cat-herding work by Ky even resulted in Gwalcavad being able to tame a Shadowcat for Gwen to use as a mount.

Once the chaos had stopped, the Loaded Dice mounted up and are now in transit to Black Briar, a House Vadalis compound known for secretive experimentation. Their ticket in, Gwalcavad, who has finally revealed his given name, Gavin d’Vadalis.

So to sum up, a whole lot of pissed off, super-powerful individuals are about to descend on a House Vadalis enclave, and I suspect we’re gonna burn that mother down.

Assault on Silverwall: The Plan

After a meeting of the Loaded Dice and the return of Tellelohtar and the crew of the Tranquility along with Hallis Martyn and Haydith ir’Wynarn, a plan has been made to assault the southernmost district of the city, Silverwall. Silverwall is important as one of the wealthiest areas, and the base for most of the Dragonmarked Houses in Stormreach. It contains what appears to have been one of the Emerald Claw’s primary objectives, the mysterious Tower of Kol Korran.

The planning session was disrupted by the arrival of a large force of armed dragonborn, led by Andreas Dythan, who is the father of the young dragonborn you rescued from Blackbriar. Dythan feels a debt is owed to you, and has agreed to assist you as best he can.

With new allies, a plan was laid out. The basic concept is as follows. While most of the group’s allies attack the Claw throughout the city, and create general chaos, Dythan’s Legion will assault the main gate of Silverwall. At the same time, the Loaded Dice, aided by shadow magic provided by Rauthur and Haydith, will slip in to Silverwall and seize control of the Tower of Kol Korran. Hopefully, the Emerald Claw will be caught between the Dice and the dragonborn, and Silverwall will be secured.

In preparation, the following actions need to be taken. Most of these can be done via forum roleplay, skill challenges, or a combination of the two. Some will happen at the table. Some of the jobs were assigned to particular characters based on general skill sets, but obviously there is plenty of work to go around.

- The plan must be discussed with the NPCs involved, including Drago, Hallis, and Haydith.

- In preparation of receiving wounded, Annie needs supplies for her clinic, and plans to talk to Hallis about making runs into the jungle to obtain herbs for her.

- Gwen will scout the jungles looking for Emerald Claw supply lines, which can then perhaps be disrupted.

- Jak will reach out to Lady Paulo Omaren in the hope of gaining support of the Iron Watch, an elite force of Warforged with whom she is allied.

- Rauthur will begin work on rituals to shield and cloak an airship for the covert trip into Silverwall, as well as creating arcane listening devices to gather information.

- A general effort will be made, headed up by Jak, to set up an information network throughout the city.

- Dythan’s Legion will seize the Lyrandar Shipyards in preparation for their attack.

- Contact is to be made with the following groups in the hope of winning their support.
– The 9th Wands, an Aundairian militia operating in Whitewash
– The Knights of Thrane, a Thranish militia operating in the Embers
– The Titans, a half-giant gang of hired muscle

- Ky also wishes to seize Greystone, a small section of the Cross dedicated to a House Tharashk dragonshard refinery. The hope is that the contents of the warehouses could yield much needed funding.

Silverwall: The Assault
The Attack on the Tower of Kol Korran

With their plans laid, the Loaded Dice attempt to put them into action. As it fell out, Ky was unable to convince the rival militias of the western city to put aside their feud and help, but the diversion assault on Master’s Key was successful.

Much worse, Rauthur’s spell to make the Tranquility invisible failed mid-flight, leading to the ship being shot from the sky. The Dice managed to take the ships skiff in and land at the tower, but the Tranquility and her crew crash-landed near the harbor.

After seizing the landing pad, the Loaded Dice noticed that their foes were not armed in the usual fashion of the Emerald Claw. Closer examination showed that they were in fact, members of a notorious mercenary group called the Blackwheel Company. Undeterred, the party pushed farther into the tower.

While Rauthur and Gwen held off Blackwheel reinforcements, the rest of the party ventured upstairs where they were confronted by none other than the supposedly dead Storm Lord Yorrik Ammantu in the midst of performing a ritual to turn himself into an Immortal ((i.e. a demigod of sorts)). After a vicious battle, Ammantu was slain and the ritual stopped. A search of the room discovered letters between members of a mysterious ‘Club’ of which Ammantu seems to have been a member, along with many other powerful figures from Khorvaire. In addition, a treatise On Dragonmarks and the Prophecy by Vyssilthar, the dragon who carved the Mark of Command into Ky beneath the Dreadhold so long ago.

Finally, the party discovered a magical gemstone that was warding the building against magical communication such as sending stones. When this was turned off, an urgent call from Jak led the party to the rooftop where they beheld a massive, black airship bombarding the city, and Blackwheel Company troops moving in to unravel all of their careful planning. Forced to adapt their plans on the fly, what will the heroes do? Tune in next time to find out.

The Liberation of Stormreach
No plan survives contact with the enemy.

After seizing the tower of Kol Korran and uncovering some of Storm Lord Ammanatu’s plots, as well as slaying the dwarf and preventing him from becoming and Immortal, the Loaded Dice were forced to deal with a new threat, a massive airship owned by the mercenary Blackwheel Company.

Using Rauthur’s arcane gate ability, the Dice teleport to the ship’s deck and find themselves surrounded, but before a fight can break out, the enemy are called off by none other than Merrix d’Cannith, the leader of Cannith South and a member of the Council of Twelve. He dropped some tantalizing clues about Ky’s mark, and then revealed his possession of another Dragon’s Eye, a strange arcane device designed to contain and control a dragon. Merrix threw the device overboard, unleashing a dragon on Stormreach and forcing the Dice to retreat rather than leave the city to be destroyed.

In a mad rush across the city the party faced blazing skeletons, fleeing Emerald Claw, and even some Umbragen Drow before finally facing off with the dragon – Calastryx – in the Temple of the Sovereign Host. There, in a mighty battle, the dragon was finally slain.

On their return, the party discover that the Emerald Claw have abandoned the city, and deduction leads to the conclusion that the Emerald Claw were after whatever it was Merrix and the Blackwheel Company were seeking, and Merrix found it first. So the Emerald Claw have cut their losses and fled, leaving the party to put Stormreach back together.

The victory was dampened by the discovery that in their retreat, the Claw and their drow allies had managed to overwhelm and capture the crew of the Tranquility. In the days that follow, the city begins to come back to life. Of the Storm Lords, Yorrik Ammanatu is dead. Paulo Omaren and Varen Lassite are your friends or allies. Kirris Sel Shadra, the gnome who handles the behind-the-scenes security of Stormreach, has come out of hiding now that things are safe again. And Jolan Wylkes, the half-elf Harbor Lord, remains missing, and is sadly presumed dead.

Now, many questions remain. Merrix implied that there were other Dragon’s Eyes to be found, where are they? What are the mysterious Caldyn Fragments that both the Emerald Claw and the Blackwheel Company are seeking? Where are Malcolm the Fox and his crew? And who will rise to fill the empty spaces on the council of the Storm Lords?

The Caldyn Fragments
Combat, Cannith, and Courtisans

Two weeks since the Battle of Silverwall, and no information has yet been gained on the crew of the Tranquility. When a band of Thuranni assassins make an apparent attempt on the life of Maleen, Chevkos, and Arkos, the Loaded Dice begin searching for the secret Thuranni enclave located beneath the upscale brothel known as Shadows. While searching, Merrix d’Cannith arrives with an offer. He knows the whereabouts of the Tranquility crew and will give them the information, for a price. For the safe return of their friends, the Loaded Dice must obtain document known as the Caldyn Fragments from the Thuranni enclave. Seeing no way around it, the Dice agree.

Disguised as patrons, the Dice infiltrate Shadows and begin searching for a way beneath. When armed men burst into the brothel, demanding the Caldyn Fragments, the Dice leap to the defense. While most of the Dice disarm, disable, or frighten off the assailants, Jak uses the distraction to slip into the back offices and finds a secret door, as well as a ledger of patrons, which he steals.

Making their way down into the tunnels, the Dice are forced to overcome traps and guards before eventually finding a safe containing a sheaf of papers containing what appears to be a strange, poetic, and very vague prophecy, possibly referencing them. Before they can escape, they are confronted by itinerant bard and informant Matthew Murdoch, who wishes to obtain the fragments for his organization, the Crimson Codex. From Murdoch, the dice learn that Caldyn was a scholar who studied the Draconic Prophecy, and then made his own predictions based on it. These seem to have come true, though it is hard to see that until after the fact. While Murdoch is explaining all this, Annie uses a ritual to commit this fragment to memory. The Dice then exchange the fragment for a convincing fake that Murdoch offers.

Merrix takes the fake upon the Dice’s return, and the next day, the crew of the Tranquility return, unable to offer information about their whereabouts other than that they were taken by Blackwheel soldiers to a base in the jungle, but were blindfolded the entire time. Alarmingly, Haydith ir’Wynarn has not been returned. According to Malcolm, the captain of Tranquility, she was captured by drow in the employ of the Emerald Claw during the fighting around their crash site during the battle.


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