Stein o' Foe-Bashing


The Stein o’ Foe-Bashing is considered a +1 light bashing shield
When attacking with the Stein, it counts as a light weapon with a +1 magical enhancement to attack and damage and deals 1d6 bludgeoning damage (if attacking with both the stein and another weapon, the wielder takes the normal two-weapon fighting penalties). In addition, the stein grants the following properties and powers.
Spill-proof design: Any liquid poured into the stein cannot leave the stein unless the wielder wishes it to. In addition, a potion poured into the stein in advance can be drunk as a swift action rather than a standard.
Fortifying drink
Description: 1/day, when you make a Fortitude save, you may drink from the stein as a free action to aid you against the effect.
Trigger: You roll a fortitude save and dislike the result.
Benefit: Reroll the save and take the higher result.
Note: You must drink from the stein to gain this benefit, meaning that any potion or other liquid in the stein will be consumed and will take effect.


This mighty stein was taken from the body of a dwarven slaver under Dreadhold, it’s origins are unknown.

Stein o' Foe-Bashing

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