Encyclopedia Eberronica, 1st Edition

A magical book containing the collected knowledge of all past iterations of Rauthur


This book is inhabited by the spirit of a previous incarnation of Rauthur who has spent centuries as the chief librarian at the Royal Library of Korth. As long as the holder of this book is on good terms with the spirt, he has access to the following powers.
- The book grants access to all spells in the divination school for the holder’s class, though the holder must still be of the required caster level to prepare the spells. Any of these spells the holder prepares is cast at a caster level equal to the holder’s caster level +2.
- The version of Rauthur in this book has a vast store of knowledge, but the process of possessing the book has left him somewhat addled. Anyone in good standing with the book’s spirit can use the Encyclopedia to make a knowledge check with a +20 bonus. However, there is a 35% chance that the information given will be irrelevant or even inaccurate. There is a 10% chance that the spirit launches into a long-winded explanation on a topic of his choosing. The information writes itself out on the first blank page turned to. This power can be used twice a day.
- The Encyclopedia grants the holder a +1 to saves against fear because the words “DON’T PANIC” are written in large friendly letters on the front.
- If the spirit recognizes an opportunity to experience something new, it will urge the holder to do it. If the holder refuses, there is a chance that the Encyclopedia will attempt to compel the holder.


This Encyclopedia contains the vast wealth of knowledge gained in Rauthur’s quest to experience everything life has to offer throughout his many incarnations. The process of writing was done by a version of Rauthur that had been reanimated as a Karrnathi skeleton, and who had become the chief librarian of the Royal Library of Korth. However, a more recent, corrupted version of Rauthur attempted to destroy him for unknown reasons. To escape, the librarian abandoned his skeletal body and possessed his masterwork, waiting until the current Rauthur arrived to reveal himself. The book and its spirit are now in possession of Rauthur.

The book is enormous and thick with a dark blue leather cover. Embossed in gold on the cover, in large friendly letters are written the words “DON’T PANIC.”

Encyclopedia Eberronica, 1st Edition

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