weapon (melee)

Dawnbringer Abilites
At 10th level, Dawnbringer is a +2 Holy Greatsword with the following properties.
Endure Evil
At 6th level, 2/day, the wielder may cast Protection from Evil
Bring the Dawn
At 7th level, 1/day, the wielder may cast Daylight at
Warding Blade
At 10th level, 1/day, the wielder may cast Undead Ward

Note: For all spells granted by Dawnbringer, the wielder’s caster level is his character level -4.


Dawnbringer was the sword wielded by Artorius Brightblade, an elven paladin from Aerenal. He was slain in battle with a pair of elementals while the airship they had preveiously been bound to plummeted from the sky. The sword was retrieved by Rauthur and passed to Ky Shari while searching the wreckage.


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