Maliwan SC-220 Crossbow

A powerful crossbow designed for superior accuracy.

weapon (ranged)

the SC-220 is a heavy +2 Seeking Heavy Crossbow with the following properties.

Sniping: With time and careful aim, this crossbow can take make a ranged Death Attack. The wielder must spend 3 rounds aiming at the target while the target remains unaware. At all times, the target must remain within the shooter’s line of sight. After three rounds, the wielder shoots. If the shot hits, the target must make a Fortitude save with a DC equal to 10 + the shooter’s level + the shooters Dexterity modifier or else die. If the target succeeds, the attack deals damage as a normal hit would. If the attack deals non-lethal damage, the target falls unconscious on a failed Fortitude save and remains so for 2d6 minutes. Creatures immune to critical hits are immune to this effect.


Originally designed by Maliwan d’Cannith, this crossbow is one of a very few models produced by House Cannith. From a Cannith armory, it somehow made its way into the hands of Clint Barton, one of the Swords of Karrn in Stormreach. After Barton was incapacitated by a fall from an air skiff, he passed the crossbow to Jak Conroy, who now keeps it close for when the occasion calls for long-range marksmanship.

Physically, the weapon appears as a heavy crossbow with the stock reshaped for greater control, and a scope providing superior magnification for pinpoint accuracy.

Maliwan SC-220 Crossbow

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