Viorr Maelak

Commander of the Dark Lanterns in Sharn


Maelak is an elderly man and rather small. He is bald with bushy eyebrows and whiskers. Overall he appears to be an unassuming old man.


Viorr Maelak is the head of the Dark Lanterns in Sharn. It was on his orders that the party pursued and captured Lucan Stellos and it was at his behest that Gwalcavad Branmor was attached to the party as an observer and handler. He wields great influence in Sharn and reports directly to Captain Vron, the head of the Dark Lanterns.

After the death of Boranel, Maelak refused to accept the leadership of Lucan Stellos, who Viorr knew to be a vampire. However, his fate is unknown to the Loaded Dice, who saw his rooftop garden on the Myriad Tower in ruins as they fled Sharn, though it did look as though the greenhouse roof had been broken from the inside out rather than collapsing in.

Viorr Maelak

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