Ruken ir'Clarn

Prime Minister and Head of Brelish Parliament


Ruken ir’Clarn is an aristocrat to the core. He is always elegantly dressed with stylish hair. He is not a formidable figure, but he relies on his political power, not his physical strength, so this is not much of a disadvantage.


Ruken comes from the power full House Clarn of Breland. His family is well established and well connected. Ruken’s cousin Haftak runs the Sharn Inquisitive and his sister Rusila is an important figure in Stormreach. Ruken is the lord of Mistwatch, a small village and its surrounding lands, but the small scale of his lands belies his enormous influence.

The ir’Clarns are known advocates of replacing the Brelish monarchy with Republic ruled by the Parliament. Ideally for them, this would leave Ruken as Prime Minister running the country on the people’s behalf. Mostly, however, they are content to wait for the aging king to pass away, and do not overtly support more radical groups like the Swords of Liberty. The only exception to this is Rusila ir’Clarn, who favors a forcible end to the monarchy. This opinion made her politically difficult, and it was for this reason that she was sent to oversee the family’s holdings in Stormreach.

Ruken is extremely distrustful of the Citadel, mainly because of all the parts of Brelish government, the Citadel alone is entirely free from Parliamentary oversight. Boranel willingly submits many of his decisions to review from Parliament, but Citadel appointments and operations are not among these, a fact which Ruken resents. He has many times tried to put a bill through Parliament to force the king to submit Citadel information to Parliamentary oversight, but these motions have so far been defeated.

Ruken ir'Clarn

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