Paulo Omaren

Storm Lord of Forgelight and renowned duelist


Lady Omaren has dark eyes and long brown hair. She is rarely seen unarmed and usually travels accompanied by members of the Iron Watch, especially Steeljack, her personal bodyguard.


The current Lady Omaren traces her lineage from lady Delarea Omaren, a pirate queen and one of the original Storm Lords. He family is in charge of the Forge, which supplies the Stormreach Guard with its weapons and armor. They are also responsible for maintaining the city infrastructure. Paulo’s father attempted a coup to seize total control of Stormreach, and was personally killed by Yorrik Amanatu, thus creating a permanent feud between the two families. Since then the Omarens have been indebted to the other Storm Lords. Paulo has made great strides in restoring her family name, as well as her influence.

Chief among her accomplishments has been the formation of the Iron Watch, a militia composed entirely of Warforged. Where the Stormreach Guard is undisciplined and hopelessly corrupt, the Iron Watch are reliable and loyal. The Iron Watch is loyal officially to the Storm Lords as a whole, but specifically to Paulo.

Currently Paulo is an ally of the Loaded Dice. This is due in part to her relationship with Jak, which while undefined, is certainly friendly. Moreover, the Dice are responsible for the death of Yorrik Amanatu and aided in the liberation of Forgelight, both of which have earned her gratitude.

Paulo Omaren

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