Oargev ir'Wynarn

The Exiled Prince of Cyre


Oargev is tall with short cropped hair and an aristocratic bearing. He wears an empty scabbard on his left him, into which he hopes one day to put the recovered royal blade of Cyre. For now though it remains a symbol of what was lost.


Oargev is the son of Queen Dannel of Cyre. He gathered the refugees of Cyre after the day of Mourning and led them into their home in exile, New Cyre.

During your time in New Cyre, the prince seemed to develop quite an attraction for the Eladrin in your party, and made special effort to show deference to Aurora.

After Boranel’s death at the hands of Haze-of-Death, Prime Minister Rukin ordered Prince Oargev’s arrest, saying that he only wished to question the Prince about the comings and goings of the Forsaken, who Rukin claimed were responsible for the tragic events. Fearing a trap, Oargev evaded capture and escape, and now lives as an outlaw with many of his followers.

Oargev ir'Wynarn

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