Maleen Silvereye

A female tiefling warlock whose pact binds her to the black dragon Vyssilthar. Currently traveling with the Loaded Dice.


Maleen is a tall female tiefling with light red skin. She wears a dark green great cloak that she obtained in the Dreadhold after the garment was taken from Gwalcavad. This subject has never been raised between them.


Little is known of Maleen so far. After Vyssilthar granted a gift to the party, she demanded that they take Maleen and her companions – Chevkos and Iron Talon – with them when they left he Dreadhold. Maleen derives her powers from her pact with Vyssilthar, the nature of which has never been discussed by with any of the party, nor have they asked.

A few months ago, during an attempt on her life, Maleen demonstrated the startling ability to activate latent bloodlines in a person, potentially causing them to manifest a dragonmark. More worryingly, the Thuranni elf on whom she demonstrated this ability manifested the Mark of Death before dying.

Maleen Silvereye

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