Lucan Stellos

Stellos was a Dark Lantern until he was enthralled by the Vampire Lord Calderus.


Stellos is tall and thin with pale hair down to his shoulders. His eyes have gone red, a side effect of vampirism.


Stellos was a highly decorated agent of the King’s Dark Lanterns. On one of his missions, he was enthralled and made a vampire by the Vampire Lord Calderus. On Calderus’ orders, he stole one of the Karnnathi Soul Blades from a Citadel Vault and fled with it, making for Karnnath. What he intended to do there and why he made for Karnnath is not yet known. However, the PCs pursued and eventually caught up with Stellos on a lightning rail. They were able to drive a stake into his heart, rendering him inert. They then transported him and the blade back to Breland. Stellos was kept inert in a secure location until he was freed shortly before the death of Boranel.

With the reorganization of the Citadel, Lucan was placed in command by the new Prime Minister Rukin ir’Clarn. Whether Rukin knows of Lucan’s true loyalties remains a mystery.

Lucan Stellos

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