Leofalcon Wolfsbane

Eladrin former lover of Aurora and of Alihanna. Slain by Aurora in the Watching Wood. Currently a revenant and servant of the Emerald Claw.


Leofalcon has haunted your adventures, recurring like a bad dream you can’t shake. Even after his death he has eluded your grasp now in the form of a revenant, a creature brought back not through necromancy or the curse of undeath, but because a being with the power to do so called his soul back from the afterlife to do it’s bidding. Who that being was is unknown, since traditional wisdom holds that only deities can wield such power.

Leofalcon tracked you all down in the moments shortly after acquiring Haze-of-Death in his lair. The wizard Gunter had Leofalcon attack you, but when brought face to face with Aurora, whatever spell that had been over Leofalcon’s mind released and he realized all of the terrible things he had done. In one final act of redemption, he saved Aurora’s life while sacrificing his own, asking his former love for forgiveness before passing on.

Leofalcon Wolfsbane

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