Falko d'Deneith

A member of the Defender's Guild, Falko is under contract to Lord Conroy to serve as a bodyguard for one Anora Stoutheart.


Falko is 6’2" and weighs over 200 lbs. In his masterwork agile half-plate, he is a mountain of a man, and wields his masterwork greatsword with easy. He bears the Lesser Mark of Sentinel and wears a dragonmark focus around his neck to enhance his ability to cast shield other and lesser orb of invulnerability.


Falko grew up in Karrnath like many Deneith Heirs. He served in the Last War, fighting under contract to the Karrnathi army. After the war he did spent time serving in the garrison of Thronehold. He had command of the watch the night that Thuranni assassins attacked the Brelish and Karrnathi Embassy, freeing a prisoner and nearly assassinating Haydith ir’Wynarn. Distraught over this failure, Falko insisted that he be removed and transferred. He transferred to the Stormreach Garrison and disobeyed orders when the head of the Enclave – Greigur d’Deneith – ordered the garrison to stay within their walls during the Emerald Claw assault. Falko has so far managed to argue that his patrol was cut off and unable to reach the enclave, but in reality he and his comrades spend the time fighting alongside the Sword of Karrn – during the war his unit had been contracted to served under Drago Thuul, and Falko had been impressed by him.

Griegur is displeased that Falko disobeyed orders, but as the members of Falko’s patrol have backed up his story, no action has been taken against him. Even so, the presence of Falko in the enclave has been a reminder of the defiance, and so Griegur was eager to allow Lord Conroy to contract Falko indefinitely, not that this eagerness took the form of a discount.

Falko d'Deneith

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