The Original Sleeping Beauty...who's stuck deciding on finding her lost love, or fighting him to the death.


Aurora grew up in a small city in Aundair. Unlike EVERYONE in her family she knew nothing of the arcane powers, which was the most ridiculous thing for an eladrin. Her parents lost any contact with the rest of her family, deciding to ignore their powers and focus, instead, of having a “normal” family who focused on love and living, not fighting and definitely not living in a fantastical dream world. (It’s as if they never realized they were the ones being abnormal in the world we live in). Aurora didn’t mind her parents’ views, she had no abilities to speak of. She enjoyed picking flowers, reading the latest newspaper articles…her favorite hobby was sitting outside of the Arcane University of Aundair, just watching the students flock in and out of classes through the side gates.

She loved the University. She couldn’t remember sitting outside and watching the students shoot magical flowers at one another across the quad. Couples in love would create music for one another as if from nowhere. There were always magical seminars held outside and Aurora had the best seat in her favorite tree to watch all the goings-on. And yet, she always held a small pain in her heart knowing she’d never be allowed to attend. To get into the University, it was important that you had at least some form of arcane ability to speak of…and Aurora had none.

What was even more frustrating was the darkness covering the university. What had been a cheery, happy, loving University during Aurora’s childhood, slowly changed into this dark, brooding, evil place. The University was taken over by one named Alihanna. Aurora had only heard her name through the town square and from students leaving the university. Although many revered her for her magical talents and keen wit…none really liked her particularly. She was respected, and then feared. Rumors started about Alihanna’s plans to use the University for “alternate plans”, evil plans, plans that a young Aurora couldn’t really understand. It pained her knowing that not only would she never be able to attend the University, but she would have to watch it deteriorate, morally and quite literally at the hands of such an awful and evil being.

Just when Aurora was beginning to accept life. Just as Aurora was beginning to fully realize that she could truly be alone, could truly die alone, love came along…Leofalcon Wolfsbane ((((yeah, even for D&D it’s pretty cheesy…))) He was not only the most attractive eladrin she’d ever seen…he was also like her. Thrown out on the streets when he was a young boy, Leo grew up knowing what it was life to fend for himself, truly. His parents were some the “great” eladrin. The “IT” couple. All the eladrin knew their names, all the eladrin were proud to have them in their race. Their powers were unbelievable, their wit and fantastical lifestyles proved just how amazing they were. They couldn’t bare to have a child who could never even remotely amount to anything they could do. He never grew into the arcane of their world. And instead of loving him, despite his lack of magical ability, they threw him out. Luckily they didn’t kill him, for Aurora fell deeply and madly in love with him. They were only 18, but had the rest of their lives planned. They knew what their first son’s name would be, the sort of house they would live in, how many horses they would have.

On the eve of their wedding day, disaster struck. As they were saying their goodbyes in the evening for the last time, believing that they’d have every night together for the rest of their lives, a cold wind blew into the room from the side door, and in came Alihanna. Aurora had never seen Alihanna up close, and man…was she beautiful. The kind of beautiful every other girl hates, because they know they’ll never look like that. Alihanna smiled, as if knowing what Aurora was thinking, but she spoke to Leofalcon.
“Hello, Leofalcon,” she said, with a sultry rasp in her voice. Leofalcon’s face changed from terror, to one of pure joy…no, pure evil. It was obvious he was under some form of spell, or charmed or…or something. “Why hello, Alihanna, what is this pleasure of your company?” Leo said, in an equally sexy voice. He was…flirting with her?! What?! He was looking at her with that look that he had only used in looking at Aurora before. That was a look of love, a look of passion, but he wasn’t looking at Aurora now.

Alihanna giggled and said, “Oh Leofalcon, we shall have so much fun. I have much planned for you. Come with me, leave this boring broad behind and I shall show you adventure like you’ve never seen. I shall show you gold and treasures, I will give you powers beyond your imagination…” Leo smiled, and walked straight towards her…and left. He didn’t turn around and say good-bye, he didn’t even seem to have the slightest bit of remorse for leaving Aurora, on the night of their wedding. He was gone. Alihanna, however, remained in the room. She turned to Aurora and said, "Oh dear, did you think you could honestly hold on to something as precious as he? Don’t you think he would have gotten bored with you after awhile? After all, what do you have to offer him?” Before Aurora could even respond, she started laughing, this cackling horrid little laugh and her arms shot out at Aurora there was pain like she’d never felt before. She knew for sure was dying. “Why don’t we make sure you never bore anyone again with your pathetic, pointless little life, shall we?” And then…darkness…


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