Leader of an Eladrin tribe


Alihanna is a female Eladrin, and thus is tall, graceful, and beautiful. She has long, silver-white hair and glowing blue eyes.


Alihanna is the leader of a group of Eladrin who apparently possessed the Fey Spire that was located in the Watching Wood. She is also responsible for Aurora’s long enchantment and thus for Aurora’s magical abilities. During the Party’s adventures in Droaam, she sought to captured Aurora, and eventually did lure her into a place where Alihanna could use her to cast the ritual that sent the Fey Spire back into the Feywild.

In the Feywild, it was learned that Alihanna is in league with, and takes orders from, someone named Calderus. According to communications found by the group, Alihanna was ordered to apprehend Lucan Stellos, of whom Calderus had apparently lost control.

In pursuit of the blade, Alihanna and her Eladrin forces attacked an airship on which the party (and secretly Lucan) were traveling. When her boarding party failed to capture Lucan, Alihanna desperately rammed her airship into the other. She is presumed dead in the wreckage.


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