An excoriate from House Lyrander, Alastair is the captain of the Golden Dragon, which serves as the main means of transport for the Loaded Dice.


Since he was kicked out of his House, Alastair’s trim, military appearance has lost some of its crispness. His hair has grown long and a little wild, and stubble now covers his jaw. He has intensely blue eyes, and his dragonmark glows almost perpetually.


Alastair bears the Greater Mark of Storm, and displays an almost preternatural ability to commune with elementals. This is in part due to the loss of his first mate Mazzia, who previously assisted in piloting the Golden Dragon. Since her death, Alastair has been forced to do all the work himself, and has risen to the challenge, though the work is extremely hard on him, and he has begun to manifest strange abilities to control and project lightning around himself. Despite these hardships, Alastair remains a steadfast friend of the Loaded Dice, who helped him regain command of an airship despite his Excoriate status.


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