Unfinished Wars

The Liberation of Stormreach

No plan survives contact with the enemy.

After seizing the tower of Kol Korran and uncovering some of Storm Lord Ammanatu’s plots, as well as slaying the dwarf and preventing him from becoming and Immortal, the Loaded Dice were forced to deal with a new threat, a massive airship owned by the mercenary Blackwheel Company.

Using Rauthur’s arcane gate ability, the Dice teleport to the ship’s deck and find themselves surrounded, but before a fight can break out, the enemy are called off by none other than Merrix d’Cannith, the leader of Cannith South and a member of the Council of Twelve. He dropped some tantalizing clues about Ky’s mark, and then revealed his possession of another Dragon’s Eye, a strange arcane device designed to contain and control a dragon. Merrix threw the device overboard, unleashing a dragon on Stormreach and forcing the Dice to retreat rather than leave the city to be destroyed.

In a mad rush across the city the party faced blazing skeletons, fleeing Emerald Claw, and even some Umbragen Drow before finally facing off with the dragon – Calastryx – in the Temple of the Sovereign Host. There, in a mighty battle, the dragon was finally slain.

On their return, the party discover that the Emerald Claw have abandoned the city, and deduction leads to the conclusion that the Emerald Claw were after whatever it was Merrix and the Blackwheel Company were seeking, and Merrix found it first. So the Emerald Claw have cut their losses and fled, leaving the party to put Stormreach back together.

The victory was dampened by the discovery that in their retreat, the Claw and their drow allies had managed to overwhelm and capture the crew of the Tranquility. In the days that follow, the city begins to come back to life. Of the Storm Lords, Yorrik Ammanatu is dead. Paulo Omaren and Varen Lassite are your friends or allies. Kirris Sel Shadra, the gnome who handles the behind-the-scenes security of Stormreach, has come out of hiding now that things are safe again. And Jolan Wylkes, the half-elf Harbor Lord, remains missing, and is sadly presumed dead.

Now, many questions remain. Merrix implied that there were other Dragon’s Eyes to be found, where are they? What are the mysterious Caldyn Fragments that both the Emerald Claw and the Blackwheel Company are seeking? Where are Malcolm the Fox and his crew? And who will rise to fill the empty spaces on the council of the Storm Lords?



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