Unfinished Wars

The Fall of Strahd

"Throw out the eggs!"

6 Dravago, YK 1000 – 14 Rhaan, YK 1003

Anora and Rauthur eventually make it through the mists and to the town of Barovia, there to reunite with Alastair, Ameron, and Ky. An effusive Ismark, the local innkeeper, provides the group with room and board for the night. Unbeknownst to the party, Strahd has learned of the party’s arrival from his many spies and has decided to deal with the potential threat before they can cause him any trouble. In mist form, he slips into their rooms and successfully dominates Alastair, Namine, and Arkhos.

The next morning, the party travels to Brokenblade Castle, finding it open and apparently unguarded. Once inside, Alastair heads for a door through which the noise of a meal can be heard. There he finds Strahd at a table set for a feast. Strahd invites Alastair to join him, and to the surprise of the party, he accepts.

While most of the party exchange tense words with Strahd, Annie ventures down the passage toward a great set of double doors covered in raven iconography. Entering, she finds the last thing one would expect in a vampire’s lair, a chapel, though to what god, she cannot say. Kneeling to offer a prayer, Annie is startled to find herself confronted by a woman who appears apparently from nowhere. Inquiry reveals her to be the Raven Queen, a deity from another world who governs the passage from life into death. She asks Annie to ensure that no life lost in this place can be raised as an abomination. In exchange for this promise, Annie is rewarded with a Silver Raven Figurine of Wondrous Power.

Having learned all he can, Strahd excuses himself and the party goes to find Annie, only to discover that Namine has disappeared. To track her, Rauthur summons a wolf. To the surprise of all, Eredraug appears and immediately sets off in pursuit of Namine, leading the party upstairs. Before he vanishes, the wolf scrabbles at a door. Opening the door, the party are faced with the worst, Namine has been transformed into a Vampire Spawn. As the group pauses in horror, Namine lunges at them with a hiss. In reflex to seeing a friend in danger, Annie attempts to heal her friend, and is forced to watch in horror as the divine energies consume her friend, leaving only a pile of dust.

Rooted in horror, the party are interrupted by a shout from downstairs and realize that Alastair has gone missing. Rushing downstairs, Ky and Rauthur find a much weakened Alastair struggling with Strahd. Ky rushes into battle, only to be attacked from behind by a dominated Arkhos.

Meanwhile, Annie consecrates her friend’s remains, oblivious to all else. When she finally stands to leave, she finds Lucan Stellos, or at least a patched together humanoid form that looks much like him. Annie dazes him and rushes downstairs, shouting warnings. Rauthur immediately teleports back to the second floor and calls down fire and lightning to destroy the reconstructed vampire.

Downstairs, Strahd retreats from combat and leaves the party in peace for a time. Though Annie has scried out the location of Strahd’s crypt, they decide to first use the respite to find the Dayheart. Returning to the second floor, they slip past the electrified gate only to have Ky fall through a double pit trap, landing in the crypt. While Rauthur flies down to retrieve her, Alastair gets over curious and finds himself trapped in a living tapestry. Rauthur returns and frees him, and the party goes on, taking a teleportation glyph to the top of the Dayheart’s tower. There they are attacked by one of Strahd’s vampire minions, and then by Strahd himself. Not wishing to kill his old friend, Strahd dominates Rauthur and forces him to flee. Eventually, both vampires are driven off and the Dice advance into the crypt.

After obtaining information from a strange Necromancer, they open both Strahd’s crypt and that of his vampire minion Rafael. After staking Rafael, the Dice gather at Strahd’s tomb, only to find the translucent form of a elven woman, who answers to the name Erandis (yeah, as in Vol). The force field falls to the command word (‘Erandis’). Although Rauthur considers the pleas of Erandis to leave her love in peace, promising that he will never again leave Barovia. Alastair, unwilling to allow negotiations to go on, takes matters into his own hands and enters the crypt and stakes Strahd. Erandis’ cries of grief and rage echo through the chamber, and she promises to exact vengeance on everything and everyone the Dice care for. She urges them to hurry home, because she is coming…

With the death of Strahd, the mists of Barovia fall and the land is now open to Breland. Surprisingly, the party see a troop of Thranish knights riding toward them. The knights bring a message to Annie from Keeper Jaela, explaining among other things, that three years have passed since they entered the mists. Traveling with the knights, the Dice return to Thrane, where the Dayheart and the Dawn Shard are forged into a protective amulet that eradicates the vampirism in Kate so long as she wears it. In addition the party learns that Jak is in Droaam with the Brelish army and Halix ir’Wynarn. However, before setting out again, the party accept a time of rest in Thrane to let the horror, grief, and exhaustion of their encounter with Strahd pass. Alastair, however, returns to his training, intending to set out with Gaston soon to guard the borders of Barovia, lest any remaining evil in the place escape into Khorvair.

XP per Character – 21,000
Loot Rewards (most of this is on a piece of paper given to Eric)
- Pariapt of Wisdom +2
- Halberd of Ravens
- Raven Bracers
- Cloak of Ravens
- Amulet of Ravens



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