Unfinished Wars

The End

Battles with Archfey, Vampires, Rhakshasas and Liches

Eberron. 3-26 Vult, YK 1003.

Part 1

Divided once again, the Party traveled in two groups to Breland and Thalanis respectively. While Sayuri, Jak and Ameron shut down another weapon factory and rescued Ameron’s enslaved siblings, Annie, Alastair, Rauthur and Aurora tracked Alihanna to the Feywild. In the weapon factory, the team came face to face with Calderus, and in a shocking twist, convinced him that Erandis Vol was going to doom the world. Seeking peace after a long existence, Calderus renounced Vol’s service, turned over his sword, and departed. In Thalanis, things went less peacefully. The team discovered that Alihanna had seized the mantel of the Lady of Twilight, who had been killed in the Mourning and whose death prevented the Feyspires from returning to their home plane. Alihanna planned to use the power against her enemies.

Using mighty Fey beasts to assault her fortress, the team eventually came face to face with Alihanna and incapacitated her. There, Aurora bestowed a spellblight on Alihanna, robbing her of the ability to use magic. By defeating her, Alihanna earned the right to take up the mantel of Twilight and govern the transition between Thalanis and Eberron.

Part 2
Returning from Breland, Jak, Sayuri, and Ameron met Xara, Calderus’ daughter, who delivered a letter revealing the shocking fact that Nightbringer (Calderus’ sword) and Dawnbringer were the twined phylacteries of Erandis Vol, and that by sundering them at the right time and place, they could rob her of her undead powers. Quickly, they hurried North to meet the other half of the Loaded Dice while Jak traveled to Thronehold to bring charges against Aundair for breaking the Treaty of Thronehold. In Route, the party was intercepted by Aereni agents who demanded that Nightbringer be turned over. Unwilling to risk it, Sayuri and Ameron overcame and imprisoned the agents, effectively making Sayuri a rogue agent.

Those coming out of Thalanis found themselves in Karrnath and quickly boarded a ship to deliver Alihanna to Thrane. Unbeknownst to them, the ship had been seized by Rauthur’s evil counterpart, who had aligned himself with Vol in the hopes of stealing experiences from freshly dead souls. He had captured Haydith ir’Wynarn and threatened to kill her if Dawnbringer was not delivered to him. Knowing its importance, the group refused. Rauthur slashed Haydith’s throat and combat was joined. Annie managed to save Haydith and Rauthur captured his counterpart and allowed Aurora to behead him.

Part 3
Reuniting in Thrane, the Dice traveled to Silvercliff Castle, the home of Blood Regent Diani ir’Wynarn to deliver Alihanna for questioning. They also shared the news of the Bloodsail fleet making for Scion’s Sound. Their conversation was interrupted by the arrival of Gaston Mathysan and a troop of Knights, intending to arrest Diani. Unable to talked their way out of it, and unwilling to fight, Rauthur imprisoned the Knights in a Wall of Force and the party teleported back to the Golden Dragon. Fearing that Jaela might be in similar danger, they made for Flamekeep.

Arriving, the Dice found Flamekeep in chaos. Making for the Cathedral, the Dice descended invisibly on Phantom Steeds. In the Cathedral, they found that the cardinal had tried to take custody of Jaela and had made for the Flame Chamber beneath the city. Jaela and the party hurried to stop him.

They found the Cardinal with Melysse Miron – a former claimant to the Keepership who had been imprisoned in the Dreadhold after her rebellion failed. A strange ritual was in play and Jaela claimed that Melysse was summoning the Shadow in the Flame. Unwilling to let this happen, the Dice attacked. Aurora tried to stop Melysse, and the Cardinal caught her leg and cast harm, killing her instantly. Shocked and alarmed, the Dice redoubled their assault, and Ameron, anguished at the death of his companion, killed the Cardinal with a powerful spell. Meanwhile, Annie completed a ritual to block access to Outsiders in the chamber, effectively blocking off the Silver Flame, but also the Shadow Within. Her connection to the Shadow Broken, Melysse told the Dice that she didn’t remember anything since being imprisoned. The Dice concluded that she had been dominated and returned her and Jaela to the Cathedral, where Diani met them with her guardians. However, the Dice cannot stay to help with the riots, and Jak informs them that Erandis Vol is on Thronehold.

Part 4
Racing north through the night the Dice come to Thronehold in the morning on 26 Vult, which by the old Qabalrin Wheel calender would be 13 Crya – Revelations Day – the day on which Erandis Vol was made a Lich three thousand years ago.

Meanwhile Aurora awakens in her Feywild Castle and immediately Plane Shifts back to Eberron, making for Thronehold, not knowing it is occupied. She appears in a side street near the castle of Thronekeep and reports seeing Emerald Claw patrols setting up strange Eldritch Machines. The Dice, arriving with a fleet of airships, decided to bombard the city from the air and send Dythan’s Legion and the Swords of Karrn again the walls to create enough chaos for them to make for the castle. Wishing to help, Aurora summons a battalion of Ghaele Eladrin and sets them loose on the island.

Arriving at the castle, the Dice first overcome a strange necromantic warrior and his summoned Warsworn Abomination, only to discover that he is Akio, Sayuri’s superior officer, now revealed as the traitor in the Aereni government. With no time to dwell on this, the Dice shatter the swords and race to the top of the Keep, where they find a now mortal Erandis Vol attempting to complete a ritual. The battle is joined and Erandis is driven back. Finally, she lashes out against Alastair, casting Finger of Death against the killer of her Love. The spell kills him instantly and Erandis flees through a portal into her own demiplane after summoning the skeletal remains of her father, the green dragon Emerald Claw.

Annie manages to snatch Alastair back from the brink while Aurora and Sayuri assault the dragon with magical support from Rauthur’s Arcane Cannon. As Erandis’ portal starts to close, Rauthur creates an Arcane Gate to it and a revived Alastair and Sayuri leap through it, only to find themselves trapped by a Wall of Force while Erandis continues her ritual, using her revived Mark of Death to create a strange black jewel. Back in Eberron, a huge green dragon crashes through the ceiling and joins the attack on Emerald Claw. Annie casts heal, killing the dragon and then leaps through the portal along with Aurora and Falko. So it is only Rauthur and Ameron who witness the newly arrived dragon transform into his familiar human form – Viorr Maelak, before they too leap through the portal.

In the demi plane Annie manages to bring down Vol’s Wall of Force and battle for the jewel ensues, ending when Ameron uses telekinesis to knock it from her hand and Annie uses Holy Smite to finish off Erandis. With her death, the demiplane begins to collapse and the Dice flees back through the portal, Ameron grabbing the jewel on his way out.

In Eberron, they find Vyssilthar waiting for them, claiming the jewel as recompense for her advice and aid. Sayuri leaves, both to gather the remains of a traitor and to maintain deniability, and so does not witness the party allowing Vyssilthar to claim the jewel, an integral part of her plan to bring back the final Dragonmark.



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