Unfinished Wars

Return to Stormreach

The Loaded Dice catch up on events in their old home, and a member is lost.

5 – 14 Aryth, YK 1003

Within days of the death of Rhesh Turakbar, the Loaded Dice were reunited and planned their next move. Stormreach was deemed the logical next stop. Ky wanted to research Erandis Vol’s phylactery, and there were practical concerns as well, the party’s main means of transportation and communication were both being held up by Merrix d’Cannith as collateral for a favor owed him by Alastair. So it was decided that the party would use Tranquility II to get back to their old stomping ground.

Just before setting out, an emissary came from the Daughters of Sora Kel to demand that Ky come and swear fealty at the Great Crag. Ky played for time, promising to come before the year was out.

Back in Stormreach, trouble was immediately evident. Alastair’s presence was viewed with suspicion due to recent quarrels with House Lyrandar related to House Cannith building non-elemental airships in Stormreach. Alastair, Rauthur, and Ameron went to see Merrix with the captive Natasha Chevkos in tow, while Annie and Ky went to see Lady Paolo Omaren, now sole ruler of Stormreach.

While meeting with Paolo, Annie and Ky discovered that Richand d’Jorasco, Annie’s estranged father, was now the head of the Jorasco enclave in Stormreach, and that Annie’s old hospital had been set fire to the previous night.

Merrix eventually agreed to turn over the Golden Dragon if Alastair would retrieve an item from an old dig site, schema necessary to complete the building of a Creation Forge. Negotiation for the reactivation of the party’s sending stone network was put off until later. After a stop at the Lormarch Palace to present themselves to Lady Omaren and gather the rest of the party. In the waiting room, they were reunited with Meepo, now the head of a clan of Kobolds and known as Meepo Dragonlord. Then the group retired to Rauthur’s shop to discuss in private.

The party agreed that the practical need of transport and communication had to be dealt with, and decided to run Merrix’s errands after a few of their own. Alastair went to the Sivis enclave to report back to Keeper Jaela about his mission in Thaliost, and received a response instead from the Blood Regent Diani ir’Wynarn. She advised him that the High Cardinal would use the report as an excuse for war, so he should instead capture Alihanna and bring her to the Blood Regent.

While Rauthur remained at his shop to prepare for the upcoming mission, Ameron went shopping, and managed to purchase the building previously used as the House Thuranni enclave, the House of Shadows. Using his Lyre of Building, he began renovating it to serve as a theater.

Meanwhile, Annie too Peyter Parker with her and went to investigate the fate of Olladra’s Grace. At the ruins, they spotted two figures apparently fighting. One was revealed to be Falko d’Denneith, Annie’s old bodyguard, who had been injured while helping peopled out of the fire, and then attacked by an assassin. The assassin fled once it was three against one. Among the ruins, Annie found a door propped up on which could be seen the word “Strahd” written in blood.

While the others handled their own errands, Ky went alone to Theryn’s Rest, the Aereni Consulate in Stormreach. After producing Dawnbringer, she was allowed in to discuss the fate of Artorius. Ky declared her intent to follow through on Artorius’ quest. To help her in this, the commander of the Deathguard, a member of the Undying Court, was teleported in from Aerenal. After hearing Ky’s story, he agreed to offer what help he could, and gave Ky a scroll that Artorius had believed held the key to defeating Vol. Armed with new information, Ky set out to find her friends. But once outside, she found the guards dead. Turning round, she found herself confronted by the White Raven and Risha Coaltongue. Risha rushed into the consulate to kill the Undying Courtier while Ky and the Raven dueled outside. Ky called for help, using her mark to amplify her voice so that the Dice could hear and began rushing toward her. They arrived just in time to see a grievously wounded White Raven deal a mortal blow to Ky. Rauthur froze the Raven and sent his familiar to give Ky a potion. Sadly, the mephit chose the wrong potion from Ky’s belt. However, the freezing of the Raven bought Ky just enough time to channel energy into him, Killing him, wounding Risha, and inadvertently destroying Rauthur’s mephit familiar.

Enraged by the killing of her master, Risha rushed at Rauthur and dealt him a nearly mortal blow, but as she raised her weapon to strike again, Annie rushed up behind in a rage and channeled energy through the assassin, killing her instantly and healing Rauthur.

The surviving members of the party found Ky’s body gone except for Dawnbringer and the scroll given by the Undying Courtier, who’s destroyed body was found in the Consulate by Alastair. Recovering faster than the others, Alastair and Ameron, searched the bodies and discovered that the White Raven was none other than the Storm Lord Dedrick Beynar. They then prudently notified the authorities and sent word to find Jak. With the day dying, the Loaded Dice return to the Lormarch Palace at Lady Omaren’s invitation to rest and eventually to determine their next move.

Rewards: 6,400 XP each



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