Unfinished Wars

Raiders of the Lost Shard

Into Darkest Q'barra

Eyre 3-5, YK 1000

The Loaded Dice arrived in Q’barra at the beginning of Eyre, hoping to find an artifact to aid in the ritual to restore true life to Kate Shari. Unfortunately, the Dawnshard they need has been stolen from Tira Miron’s vault. Following the cryptic hints of Annie’s scrying attempts, their journey leads them deep into the jungle in search of the ever-charismatic adventurer Halas Martain. In their journey, they find that Halas has been poking around sites sacred to the dragonborn of Q’barra and has run afoul of the Firmitas Praetorium, an alliance of dragonborn sworn to keep the evils lurking deep in Q’barra at bay. After careful negotiation, they are given permission to see Halas, but by then he has made good his escape.

After talking their way clear of the Praetorium and securing a way back to New Throne for their friend Haydith, the Dice set off on the trail of Halas Martain, who is thought to be making for the Tomb of the founder of the Firmitas Praetorium, a dragonborn combanion of Tira Miron, Rettania Dorlanus. They navigate the strange and challenging traps of Dorlanus’ toub and finally confront agents of the Emerald Claw deep in the crypt, where they discover that Halas has been in the employ of the Emerald Claw for years. Halas is slain and the Dawnshard activated with a few drops of Tira Miron’s blood, cotained in a vial around the neck of Dorlanus’ corpse. At Jak’s urging, they do not wait around for whatever disturbing the remains might unleash, and aided by Rauthur’s teleportation, return to the jungles and thence to New Throne, where they board the Obsidian Sky and head for Stormreach to plan their next move, obtaining a dayheart, an artifact associated with a much less savory figure from Eberronian legend, Strahd ir’Zarovich.



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