Unfinished Wars


Rescues, Kidnapping, Assassinations, Loaded Dice can do it all.

Olarune 19-20, YK 1000 – The Day of Mourning

A few weeks ago, the Loaded Dice learned that Kate Shari – sister of Ky – is to be executed on the first anniversary of the death of King Boranel. The Brelish government of Rukin ir’Clarn is touting their capture of Ky and one of her henchmen, obviously assuming a blue tiefling will be sufficient to fool most people.

At the same time, Merrix d’Cannith has requested that the Dice investigate the reappearance of Three, Boranel’s warforged bodyguard who was killed defending him.

On the 19th, Jak Conroy separates from the Dice, intending to create a distraction. He breaks into Rukin ir’Clarn’s residence and drugs and replaces the Prime Minister, using his expertise to disguise himself as Rukin. The next morning, he arrives at the place of execution alongside Lucan Stellos. Only Annie recognizes the deception. With a provocative statement, Jak draws an attack from Lucan, making it appear that the new head of the citadel is attempting to assassinate the Prime Minister. Immediately the guards turn on Lucan, who is killed in the fighting, while Jak is hurried back to the PM’s residence by Three.

Meanwhile, the rest of the Dice spring into action, driving back the guards on the gallows and freeing Kate and her companion – Alia, Annie’s sister who had been reported dead. In the process, it is discovered that Kate has been turned into a vampire sometime during her captivity. With no time to wonder, the Dice grab their targets and run.

Back at Rukin’s office, Jak faces a crisis of conscience. His intent had been to kill Rukin and have an end to it, but now, Jak finds himself unable to kill a drugged and helpless man. Unwilling to leave Rukin to the ruling of Jak’s homeland, and with no time to think of a better option, Jak calls in the help of the dragonborn general Dythanm who had accompanied them, ordering him to bring Rukin along. So it is that Jak, dressed as Rukin finds himself speeding through the streets of Sharn accompanied by Three, Dythan, Kalibar, and Halas Martain, along with the actual Rukin.

While the party has been away, House Lyrandar has yet again caught up with Alastair, and has attacked the Golden Dragon in force. Unwilling to sacrifice his crew in a vain defense, Alastair abandons the ship. The Dice escape sharn and meet up with Alastair, then flee to a nearby farmhouse where Rauthur opens a portal back to Stormreach and the party flee back to the relative safety of that city.

Finally, unbeknownst to all and sundry, House Orien has discovered the network of teleportation circles built up by Rauthur over the past couple of years. While they cannot identify the caster, they are plenty unhappy that someone has been making free use of a service they considered uniquely theirs. Using the power of their marks, some of the strongest casters in the House send a pulse of energy through the entire network, reorienting the very nature of the teleportation spells. The pulse reaches Rauthur’s circle in Stormreach just as the last of the party, but not Rauthur himself, have stepped through, and the hapless wizard finds himself forced to pay House Orien for teleportation service back to Stormreach.



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