Unfinished Wars


Things look different in the harsh light of day.

Olarune 20 – Therendor 24, YK 1000

Olarune 20 – 28

Back through the Portal and to the safety of Stormreach, the Loaded Dice are now forced to deal with the baggage with which they have returned. Until they think of a better idea, Rukin ir’Clarn is taken down to sublevels of the Tower of Kol Korran and locked in a cell with food and water, and there he remains. Three is sent off to Merrix, Alia is taken to rest, and Kate’s lifeless body is stored in the tower. This done, the Dice disperse to recover from a very hectic two days. Ky and Annie arrive in Jak’s office where Annie has hard words for the Storm Lord and Ky deals with the trauma of her sister’s condition. Jak is generally ill-equipped for the circumstance, but is ably to offer up a schematic designed by Vampire Rauthur of a warforged arm that would theoretically suppress the vampirism in Kate. He then flees the intensely emotional situation to deal with the still-dawning reality and alternating panic and vengeful glee at the fact that Rukin ir’Clarn is his prisoner.

On the 21st, the Dice reconvene in the Citadel of the Twelve to meet with Merrix, who informs rather too nonchalantly that Three is not a warforged at all, but Julian ir’Wynarn, the exiled Prince of Aundair and one of Rukin’s allies in Breland. The poor man has been stripped down to his organs and his organic body replaced with warforged parts in some kind of sick experiment. He also reports someone more happily that his study of Tranquility ’s arcane engines are yielding results and he believes he will be able to create the same effect with Alchemical components.

Before leaving, Alastair and Amaron finally agree to assassinate Mirren Lensherr in exchange for Merrix’s help retrieving the Golden Dragon and locating Amaron’s missing family. The next few days are spent learning what they can of the man’s patterns and then finally, executing their plan. Alastair procures a loan of Jak’s specialist crossbow and uses it to kill Mirren as he patrols his territory. They then escape into the streets.

Therendor 1 – 7

The beginning of Therendor sees Ky, Alastair and Amaron exploring the Throne Gate Ruins out in the jungles, mapping them at Jak’s request. Though they encounter a fire giant and his drow war party, Alastair is able to deal with the situation diplomatically and both groups go about their business successfully.

Therendor 7 – 24
Through local gossip, the Dice learn that the Knights of Thrane, a local militia, is planning to depart the city to attend a decennial tournament in Thrane in honor of Tirasday, the anniversary of Tira Miron’s sacrifice which bound her to the Silver Flame and bound Bel Shalor once again. The winning team gets to choose an item from Miron’s personal vault, as well as request a boon of the Silver Flame. Alastair and Amaron go for the excitement, while Ky goes in the hopes that victory will lead to a cure for Kate. Annie goes largely out of support for Ky, Rauthur out of curiosity, and Aurora has mixed motives of excitement and a chance to do some shopping in a city bigger than Stormreach. Jak goes as well, deciding it’s time to stick his head back above water and see what has come of their adventures in Sharn the previous month.

The journey is long but uneventful, with a chartered Lyrandar airship making the journey in record time do to excellent weather. As the Dice arrive on the 23rd, they are greeted by excited spectators, and have the opportunity to meet and converse with the previous champion, Gaston Mathysan. In addition, Annie spots Hallix ir’Wynarn, youngest son of Boranel and a ward of the Karrnathi Crown among the contestants, and among his retainers, Viorr Maelak. After an exchanged glance, Annie slips out for a private word with the old spymaster.

Therendor 24 begins the first day of the tournament, culminating on Tirasday, Therendor 28. In the first round, the Dice are pitted agains a group of martial artists from a local monastery. The dice win handily, killing two of the monks while suffering primarily only bruises. Though Aurora is briefly knocked unconscious, she suffers mostly a private embarrassment at being knocked down in the dirt in front of Gaston. For their victory, the party receive from the hand of Jaela Daran, Keeper of the Flame, the reward of a rock. But the day, let alone the Tournmanet, has just begun….



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