Unfinished Wars

Chaos Reigns at Tirasday Tournament

The Sharn Inquisitive's Take

Traelyn, Thrane, Therendor 28, YK 1000

This year’s tournament in honor of Tira Miron was marked by more than the usual chaos, surpassing even last year’s scandal involving an attempt to cheat near the end of the tournament. During the first night’s feast, an attempt was made to poison the competitors, though it was discovered by a cleric who happened to be present. This is mundane compared to what follows.

On the third day of the Tournament, the set for the arena fight was sabotaged to the degree that it collapsed, killing one competitor and injuring enough people that an entire team was knocked out of the tournament. Then, that night, a team sponsored by one of Stomreach’s infamous Storm Lords – the adventures known as the Loaded Dice – was attacked at their inn. While statement’s vary, the Inquisitive has determined that this was an attempt on the Storm Lord’s life, foiled by the fact that he was not present at the inn that night. The attackers were repulsed by his team, though a great deal of damage was done to the inn.

If one can believe it, at the very same moment, Huyanwo, the wild Brine Dragon that periodically troubles the Traelyn area, launched an attack at Traelyn’s waterfront. In a rare departure from the Tournament’s traditional format, Speaker Jaela Daran announced that the team who succeeded in ridding Traelyn of the menace of Huyanwo would be awarded the victory in the tournament. Taking the challenge, the Loaded Dice hunted down and defeated in the great dragon in a battle that lasted hours. Your humble reporter was able to witness the battle first hand at great personal danger. After a massive epic battle, the dragon was slain and his head returned to town.

This may not have been the traditional Tirasday Tournament, but we can have no doubt that this one will be discussed for years to come.

Huyanwo’s Cave has been sought by archaeologists for years now, ever since it was mentioned in one of Anora Stoutharts’s journals. However despite the reasonably detailed information given, its location somehow eludes historians to this day. However based on her account, we know that somewhere in the Thranish hills lies a cave containing a magical archive detailing the history of nearly every dragonmarked house created by a person with the benefit of thousands of years of observation. The reason for its elusiveness remains a mystery, much to the disappointment of historians.

- P.R. Songsteel



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