Unfinished Wars

Adventures in the Mists

The search for the Dayheart

5 Dravago, YK 1000

Having returned from Q’barra, most of the Loaded Dice settled back into their lives in Stormreach, while Alastair continued his training to join the Knights of the Silver Flame in Flamekeep. Ky scrounged Stormreach and every source of information she could find (i.e. Jak, Annie, and Rauthur) for information about the Dayheart, a legendary artifact supposedly capable of allowing a vampire to walk in the daylight with no ill effects. In legend, it is associated with the mythological vampire, Strahd ir’Zarovich.

Based on a variety of information, Ky decided to start in Wroat, where Viorr Maelak believes the Citadel is creating day-walking vampires. About the same time, Alastair was summoned to Wroat to assist Gaston Mathysan in an investigation. He was joined in his journey by Ameron, who had been hanging about the Stocky Vixen tavern in the suburbs of Flamekeep.

When the two parties arrived at Wroat, they found the city encircled by a strange wall of mist stretching miles into the air. After careful examination proved fruitless other than to determine that it was not the same as the mist of the Mournland, and that it had a strong planar signature, the adventurers entered the mists.

Alastair and Ameron found themselves lost in the woods and eventually made their way to the village of Barovia, where they encountered Gaston and were forced to flee a horde of Zombies.

Ky and Arkhos arrived near a road leading into the same village and fought their way through a smaller pack of undead before finding that they had no way of knowing where to go. Desperate, Ky resorts to prayer to clear her mind, and to her surprise (and the DM’s, with Gygax recommending a 10% chance of divine intervention) a fiery horseman appeared and guided her to the safety of a local inn where survivors had holed up.

Of Annie, Rauthur, or Namine, there has been no sign since entering the Mists.

With no clear way to find their companions, Ky, Arkhos, Alastair, and Ameron began to seek answers. The hints of the barkeep – Ismark – indicated that Barovia is a demiplane that travels from world to world at the command of the Master of the Castle. Brelish survivors said that the Mists poured out of Brokenblade Castle a day before the party’s arrival and then everything changed. When it did, some people were still there, and others were not. The party was given two leads, Father Danovich – the town’s priest is usually responsible for warding the town to keep the undead away and who can be found at the church – and Sir Bardas, an undead hunter who can be found at the crossroads. After discussion, a decision was reached to seek out Sir Bardas first.

After fighting of the wraiths who were attacking Bardas, Ky, Alastair and Ameron were able to get more questions answered. Bardas confirmed Ismark’s hints about the nature of Barovia, and also that the Dayheart is a creation of Strahd, who is the Master of the Castle and that the Dayheart can be found at the top of its highest tower. Armed with this information, they returned with Bardas to Barovia to plan their next move.



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